Alzheimer's Market

  • 8 million+ people with Alzheimer's disease in the 7 major markets of the world. In the US alone, 5 million people suffer from disease *
  • US market forecast to increase to 13.5 million patients by 2050. *
  • Patients live 8-10 years post diagnosis.
  • Annual cost of care in US alone currently $200 billion and forecast to increase by 19% per year. (PhRMA and Alzheimer's Association)
  • A new drug that delays onset of Alzheimer's disease by 5 years would yield societal benefit of $4 trillion per year. *


The AD market is very large and is growing rapidly. The current market for AD therapeutics is now in estimated at $5.8 billion per year. It is estimated that the introduction of disease-modifying drugs to the market will cause it to more than double to $14.5 billion by 2020 (Decision Resources, Burlington, Mass, October 6, 2011). Cenna aims to be one of the first companies to develop disease-modifying drugs to arrest or slow disease progression for AD sufferers. Presently, only five mildly effective AD symptom-treating drugs exist that slow worsening of symptoms for 6 - 12 months, but none that treat the underlying neurodegenerative processes.